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Identity Theft
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More Than 40 Million Credit and Debit Card Numbers Stolen 
[hackers]  They're using the [VoIP] technology to hijack identities and steal money.  ... thwarting caller ID.  And in some cases, the VoIP number belongs to a legitimate subscriber whose service is being hacked.  
[FBI (IFCC)] has seen a steady increase in complaints that involve some form of unsolicited e-mail directing consumers to a phony "Customer Service" type of web site.  ...scam is contributing to a rise in identity theft, credit card fraud, and other Internet frauds.
Spear phishers target select groups of people with something in common ....

A BOGUS but legitimate looking Wi-Fi network with a strong signal is strategically set up in a known hot spot...and a hacker waits for nearby laptops to connect to it.  At that point, your computer and all your sensitive information,

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NETWARCOM Whistleblower
Naval Network Warfare Command
NETWARCOM Whistleblower

Naval Network Warfare Command Whistleblower