NETWARCOM Whistleblower

Spies and Traitors
Basic SCI Systems User Course (ONI-SSONAVY)
U.S. DOD Computer Network Hackers
Congress Reports / Intelligence Summit
Identity Theft
Spies and Traitors
7 write-ups STOP Re-Enlistment
Article 138 Complaint
3 Hour Argument
Board for the Correction of Navy Records
LINKS - GOVT, DOD, Navy, and NIOCs

The Spying Game - Tricks of Today's Trade 

FBI - Counter Intelligence Cases - Past and Present 

Economic Espionage 

Counter-proliferation   "triggered spark gap" ... uses electrical shock waves to break up kidney stones. ... it can detonate a NUCLEAR bomb.

Spies on the inside
John Anthony Walker, JR.  For more then 17 years, Walker provided top cryptologic secrets to the Soviets, compromising at least one million classified massages. 
Women Charged in plot to illegally export Military Accelerometers to China.  "The controlled military sensors that were the focus of this technology procurement plot are extremely sensitive ...."

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NETWARCOM Whistleblower
Naval Network Warfare Command
NETWARCOM Whistleblower

Naval Network Warfare Command Whistleblower