NETWARCOM Whistleblower

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U.S. DOD Computer Network Hackers
Congress Reports / Intelligence Summit
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United States Senate Press Release
G.A.O. study [Computer Network Security] The report concluded that "as a result, agencies may NOT have assurance that controls are in place ...., thereby leaving them vulnerable to ATTACK or compromise.

The Intelligence Summit - Non-Partisan Non-Profit Educational Forum
"China has downloaded 10 to 20 terabytes of data from the NIPRnet....."They're looking for your identity so they can get into the [DOD Computer] network as YOU,"
"...China could destroy American spy satellites in low-earth orbit -- The very satellites that picked up the destruction of the Chinese weather satellite, the report ...
...Google has self-censored a graphic produced by three MIT researchers showing the trajectory and impact of China's Jan. 11 anti-satellite test.
Computer and e-mail systems are offline at the Naval War College following a Network Intrusion Nov. 15

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NETWARCOM Whistleblower
Naval Network Warfare Command
NETWARCOM Whistleblower

Naval Network Warfare Command Whistleblower